Support DRC


Sponsor a child:

OFA offers a Orphan Sponsorship Program (Cost $350.00 per year, per child). Donated funds cover food, clothing and cover costs associated with keeping orphanages operating.

Material goods donated to DRC:

OFA recruits donations of material goods to provide housing, infrastructure, clothing, infant formula, supplies, educational materials to orphans in DRC of all ages.


OFA coordinates educational scholarships so that older children can attend schools and receive as much education as possible.


OFA supports fundraising efforts to build and develop the infrastructure of orphanages.  We have helped to fund new orphanages, new roofs, gardens, and wells.


If you would like to help us with any of these efforts, please contact OFA, or donate right now by clicking here!  Make sure to click on “Other Special Relief” if you want to make a special gift or pledge that is not listed.